Projects: Reports and Presentations

by Drew Bagnell on December 1, 2009

Reminder: Project presentations are due Thursday in class. Please bring your laptop, etc…, and be ready to go.

Given the size of the teams, let’s say 9 minute presentation with 2 for questions. Please don’t run over– if we have time at the end, we’ll have additional discussion.

Final Project reports are due on Dec. 12 by noon Eastern. They’ll be reviewed and graded by the 15th. This should be treated as a “conference paper” style publication describing the efforts made, the successes

and lessons learned. I recommend you format it in a conference style format (NIPS, AISTAT, etc…) that you prefer. I’d suggest no less then 4 pages in a AISTAT style two-column format, but no more then 8! (Large pictures at end are fine.) Videos strongly encouraged.

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